Pandora’s Box Review

Pandora's Box - A Man's Guide to the Female Mind

Pandora’s Box is your key to truly understanding women. Be forewarned, this is an advanced system that will give you some very powerful tools that teach you how to read a woman’s mind and get the girl of your dreams.

Vin DiCarlo the creator of Pandora’s Box has put together an in depth system using female psychology and extensive research to crack the code. Through a series of videos you will learn how to turn women on, escape the friend zone and push her hot buttons.

Pandora’s Box works on the principle that there are 8 different types of women, and the secret to attracting the woman you want is to find out what her type is. Once you know her type then you will be able to predict what she is thinking, get inside her mind, and ultimately get her to chase you.

So what are the 8 types of women? According to Vin DiCarlo they are:

  • The Playette
  • The Social Butterfly
  • The Hopeful Romantic
  • The Cinderella
  • The Private Dancer
  • The Seductress
  • The Connoisseur
  • The Modern Woman

In this system you will learn in detail all about the 8 different types of women and what specific techniques to use to turn them on. So how do you figure out what type the girl of your dreams fits into?

Pandora’s Box reveals 3 simple questions to ask any woman so you can quickly figure out what type she is. This is some powerful stuff that will work for you whether you’re a player or you just want that one special girl. In fact it will change how you interact with women all together!

So how much does it cost? Pandora’s Box is currently selling for only $69.95 and Vin DiCarlo has a 30 day guarantee.

I should mention that Pandora’s Box really is better suited to the guy that has a little experience with women and is looking to really take his dating game to a completely different level. If you are having zero success with girls then I would recommend you get the Alpha Male System first. Vin DiCarlo’s techniques are way more than just a seduction system. Pandora’s Box will give you a superior understanding of the female mind.

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